Adolescence– it is charming, but also thrilling life period, full of challenges. It is the time of freedom of self-expression and looking for yourself. Psychologically this period of age is one of the most complicated, controversial and interesting.

It is the period between childhood and adulthood, which lasts from 14 till 25 in case of men, and from 12 till 21 in case of women.

The most common problems:

  • Learning problems;
  • Problems of relationships: disagreements between parents and children, cases of divorce, relationship among friends, problems of bereavement;
  • Choosing a profession.

It is unadvisable not to pay attention or ignore problems. If a child after school associates reluctantly, often sits in his/her room, cries, notes something constantly, in order to express his/her feelings, does not regard parents’ rules, does to come back home in time- those are the signs for parents to start worrying. Actually, teenagers frequently send signals about their problems, which are not expressed in words.

The earlier professional help is sought, the sooner the problem is solved. The later it is understood, the more time is needed to solve the problem, in order a teenager would recover his/her inside balance.