``When a child becomes apathetic to his/her environment or does not want to talk, when his/her behaviour starts conflicting with surrounding ones, a game may become both diagnostic and treatment method, allowing hearing the internal silence of child and able to return his/her emotional balance...``

Game therapy – the method of psychocorrection, which is applied for children of 3-12 year old.

During a game therapist uses therapeutic game models and techniques, in order to help children to avoid psychological and social difficulties or to sole them and achieve optimal growing and development.

Game therapy is applied for children, who:

  • Face the difficulties of adaptation in kindergarten/school;
  • Have difficulties, when communicating with peers;
  • Feel lonely or sad;
  • Hardly control their anger;
  • Have other behaviour or emotional difficulties.

Therapy is characterized by the experience, the basis of which is “suddenly” different relationship with adult, when child is in safe game environment, which stimulates internal motivation.