``Misfortunes without solution are rare. Generally, we are misled by desperation.``

 Luc de Clapiers, marquis de Vauvenargues

The living of couples is like a career that requires efforts. Quality interpersonal relationships are the result of mutual responsible efforts of equal partners. In order to “have a beautiful life”, women and men must acquire communication skills, know psychological structure of their personality, commit to the relationship equally. This work with inner world necessarily breaks stereotypic views towards the other gender. The ability of partners to stay together without loosing individuality is important.

Two partnership levels are distinguished: love and affection. Falling in love is a spontaneous, emotional process and affection is a friendship, sacrifice, commitment, adjustment. The growth of relationship requires the maturity of personality, moral quality and is reflected in relationship.

During psychological consultation of couples issues of interpersonal relationships are solved.

Couples learn to:

  • understand and express their feelings
  • better know each other
  • find more effective communication and problem-solving techniques

Building relationships in everyday life is a task of living together!…