``The portrait of man is the rigid construction of his actions``

 (V. G. Gitinas)

Lithuania is the country becoming more and more modern, however, the society is still patriarchal. Although the view towards domination of men in the main fields of life has been recently changing, a man is traditionally understood as a breadwinner, and therefore, he experiences the intense psychological pressure from the society.

Men experience similar problems as women do: falling-off in relations or divorce, problems, related with children or disappointment after loosing the job. However, men less tend to talk about their emotions. They suppress them inside, which results in severe suffering.

One of the elements of a “new” modern man personality is emotions. All the things the traditional man had to hide are disclosed now. A man must not only be able to manage, think about, but, more importantly, to express his emotional experience. Emotional world is a fundamental part of human daily life.

Therapeutic discourse is directed towards inner self-knowledge, awareness of self-value, empathy and control of “I inside”.