``Many of us fear to be ourselves. We refuse our dream and go with a crowd...``

(Robin Sharma)

Consultation – one or few meetings, during which a specialist assesses complaints and gives recommendations.

Purpose of consultation – to help people to clear out, understand and solve personal or interpersonal difficulties, related with psychological feeling and behaviour.

Why and when do people apply?

Many of the people, applying to psychologist, have no mental disorders. Generally, help is sought because of:

  • uncertainties arising prior to making important decisions
  • distressing sense of loneliness
  • disagreements with friends or relatives
  • self-consciousness
  • personal trauma
  • divorces
  • bereavement of family members or serious illness
  • problems at work or school
  • alcohol or other drugs’ abuse
  • prolonged or severe sadness
  • anxiety
  • disconcerting fears

Duration of consultation: 45-50 min.

price : 50eur